4 Great Reasons for Ready-MixIf you manage a construction or ready-mix fleet today, you’re well aware that:

  • Vehicles work in very confined spaces that are difficult to maneuver — typically backing into locations to unload. As a result, these fleets sustain a significant number of backing incidents.
  • Because of their significant size, vehicles may not incur significant damage, but rather, cause it—resulting in costly third-party claims.
  • The tilted rotating drum mixer and concrete cause ready-mix vehicles to be highly susceptible to rollovers—resulting in costly property losses and possible personal injury to drivers, other motorists and pedestrians.

If you own or manage a fleet, collisions happen. But, why?

Without video, even the most sophisticated vehicles outfitted with a variety of safety technologies, will miss the complete picture and the opportunity to avoid risk in the future.

Download "4 Great Reasons to Add a Video-Based Safety Program" and learn how you can lower risk, better protect your drivers and improve your bottom line.