Everyone knows that dash cams are crucial for exonerating your drivers. It’s even likely that some of you are even using video-based safety programs to proactively reduce incidents while reducing costs and saving lives. It’s time to start demanding more from your video-safety program. See how a well-run program can:

    • Improve fuel and maintenance savings
    • Deter theft and ensure cargo securement
    • Improve customer service
    • Reduce insurance claims and costs
    • Improve worker’s comp claims
    • Improve driver satisfaction and retention

This eye-opening webinar will be led by Don Osterberg, former senior vice president of safety, security and driver training for Schneider, and current member of SmartDrive’s Board of Advisors, as well as Jeremy Byrd, former director of safety and fleet operations for Cox Industries, and current regional sales manager for SmartDrive.

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