Not all video-based safety programs are created equal

Transit agencies today must provide a great ride for passengers while protecting their safety and complying with a growing list of regulations. This is easier said than done, especially as ridership grows, budgets aren’t getting any larger and new regulations are introduced. In order to protect your passengers, the public and your brand, it’s critical to eliminate risky driving.

The SmartDrive video-based safety program is much more than a DVR system and will improve operator performance, while helping your agency comply with new SMS regulations. 

  • Capture video based on transit specific triggers – sideswipe, backing, slingshots, passing signal bars and penalty stops and mobile phone usage
  • Access video within minutes of an incident to coach operators and quickly get them back on track
  • Use an open platform that integrates with your SMS or ATP Systems and other safety technologies for a unified view of risk
  • And much more… 

Chet McHenry
Strategic Account Director, Transit (West)
Phone: 303-653-4653

Richard Newcombe
Strategic Account Director, Transit (East)
Phone: 858-527-5884