Many fleets – and individual owner-operators – have dashcams. But, are they enough?

• Do they tell you what happened, before, during and after an incident?
• How much video will you get from a dashcam and how will you manage your time reviewing it?
• Do dashcams really help your drivers become safer and reduce incidents from happening?Expert Review-angle

Most fleets are now turning to a video-based safety program with a managed service, which provides consistent, unbiased and professional reviewing, scoring and prioritizing of thousands of videos. In addition, a managed service provides:

• Custom scoring of events based on the fleets’ safety and compliance priorities
• 24/7 coverage in case an incident occurs at night, on the weekend or on a holiday
• Proven processes that deliver substantial results

Download our Expert Review Services Datasheet and learn why there’s more to your decision than just dashcams.