not all video-based safety programs are created equal 

waste-recycling-buyer-guide-thumb.pngWhile rail-based transit is among the safest modes of transportation, individual incidents can have significant consequences. In order to protect your passengers, the public and your brand, it’s critical to eliminate risky driving.

A video-based safety program will improve operator performance, but you need one that fits your unique business needs:

  • Capture video based on rail specific triggers – slingshots, passing signal bars and penalty stops and mobile phone usage
  • Access video within minutes of an incident to help your operators quickly get back on track
  • Use an open platform that integrates with your ATP Systems and other safety technologies for a unified view of risk
  • And much more...

Download this free 12-point Buying Guide that outlines the selection criteria to consider whether you’re just getting started with video technology or looking to upgrade your current program.