Coaching as the Key to Driver Improvement

Like professional athletes, the best drivers in the world need coaching. Simply identifying risky driving behavior won’t make a driver safer. Nor will acknowledging the behavior without coaching your driver on how to improve.

Ray’s Safety Score was dangerously high. After due diligence, the safety team at Dunbar Armored discovered that he had not been coached effectively. Soon after constructive coaching began, his score improved. He’s now one of the safest drivers on the road.

Watch this video and hear Bruce Morris, Vice President, Safety & Compliance at Dunbar Armored, tell Ray’s story and learn how their program of “talking, thinking and doing” can make a difference in your fleet.

5 Tips to Take Your Driver Improvement Program
to the Next Level

In this webinar, Brad Aimone, Director, Driver Safety Services at Central Oregon Truck Company, shares 5 tips for taking your driver improvement program to the next level. Having transitioned from driver to coach to head of safety services, Brad has seen it all and shares his best practices, starting with his #1 rule of keeping it personal…not punitive.

Download the on-demand webinar and learn the tips you need to improve your coaching and improve your drivers.