Understand the Impact of Video-Based Safety On YOUR Fleet.

Video Safety: Facts, Stats and ImpactEvery mile on the road exposes fleets, vehicles and drivers to the risk of having a collision. Unfortunately, driver-related factors contribute to 88% of large truck collisions and 95% of light passenger vehicle collisions, indicating that most of the 30,000 fatalities, 1.5 million injuries, and 5 million collisions that occur on the road in the United States each year are preventable.

Fleet safety is more than numbers and the bottom line. Fleet safety is about saving lives. That’s why more and more fleets are moving toward video-based safety. As a result, it’s important to understand the impact of protecting your drivers, your fleet and your company.

As video-based safety becomes ubiquitous throughout the industry, SmartDrive commissioned a survey with Fleet Owner magazine. From exonerations, improved driver performance, decreased claims process and more -- the Fleet Owner audience sounds off on the benefits of video-based safety. 

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