Going Beyond video safety
at G&P Trucking

Transportation Intelligence: Going Beyond Video Safety at G&P TruckingWhether you are just beginning to research video safety or have been using it for years, check out the webinar with John Billingsley, Director of Safety at G&P Trucking.

Like many safety professionals, John made the decision to implement a video safety program for exoneration purposes. However, over the years he learned to trust the data to determine where to focus coaching efforts and recognition. This move from reactive to proactive fleet management has yielded tremendous improvements, including the fleet’s best safety performance in ten years and a 50% reduction in collision costs.

Watch the webinar and learn how actionable data has helped G&P:

  • Quickly identify what’s working and areas for improvement
  • Get the most out of coaching sessions with targeted discussions
  • Develop a rewards system that incentivizes efforts, not just end results
  • Encourage self-coaching among drivers — helping them help themselves

Watch today.