Jerry Burks is quick to let you know that Transco Lines is a very safe company. In turn, Jerry is a very safe driver.  According to Travis Cooper, Manager of the Safety Department, “Jerry’s dedication and resolve to not only his, but the motoring public’s safety, is unmatched.”Jerry Burks, Transco

Jerry is quick to point out that, “Transco has a fantastic safety department, who has our backs. People are always watching, coaching and helping us do a safe job. In fact, SmartDrive was one way they proved their dedication to safety. It takes a lot of the responsibility off us.”

“Put a camera in your truck. It’s well worth it.”

“I know that if there’s an accident, I’ve got actual video to show what happened. I really enjoy having it in my cab and am thankful it’s there. I also appreciate that when I do something right to avoid an incident, someone from safety calls and thanks me for doing a good job.”

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