The Driver Perception
of Video Has Changed

As a 30-year driver, safety is always front and center for Joe Popple of Oakley Transport. What did he think of cameras? “When I initially heard about cameras, it was like you walked up and punched me right in the nose! I’ve driven for most of my life and now you’re going to tell me how to drive? I can now say it’s made me a better driver. As a result, I’m now more aware, have increased my following distance and am less aggressive on the road.”

Although he hates to admit it, Joe admits that the camera is a training tool. But, he’s quick to add that the power of the program is not the camera itself, but the coaching session that results from triggering an event. “That’s where I learn.”

Today’s fleets are finding that drivers no longer push back. In fact, many drivers install their own cameras for protection. More than just a dash cam, the SmartDrive video-based safety program offers a fully managed service designed to improve your coaching sessions, fleet safety and bottom line.

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