Every hour on the road exposes fleets, vehicles and drivers to the risk of having a collision…

Measuring Driver RiskPreventing collisions caused by drivers is challenging because driver-related risk factors must be measured on the roadway (before a collision occurs) and those factors must be addressed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, very few driver risk measurement products and systems exist in the marketplace.

In this paper, we discuss a system based on more than four billion miles of driving data that quickly and accurately measures driver risk. Once risk is measured and analyzed, fleets and drivers can take actions to improve driving skills and reduce collision frequency.

Download the white paper to:

  • Learn how to calculate collision frequency
  • Understand how an individual driver’s collision frequency can influence a fleet’s total number of collisions
  • Recognize how a small proportion of drivers may be responsible for a large proportion of fleet risk and collisions
  • Learn how to properly measure risk to quickly and accurately identify those high-risk drivers