The Future of Intelligent Transportation is NoW: 
are You (and your driver) Prepared?

As more automation device complexity brings more questions, SmartDrive is bringing the power of video and transportation intelligence to unify information and drive down cost and risk within your fleet. By fusing data from all systems, all sensors and the operating environment, you immediately gain more insight, flexibility and reliability. The future of intelligent transportation is now.

As an industry leader, Oakley Transport, the premier leader in the liquid, food grade transportation sector and the first to acquire ISO certifications 9001:2015 and 22000:2005, understands the need to invest in technology to remain compliant, protected, and safe while efficiently operating a fleet of 500 vehicles.

In this webinar, Kelly McDowell, Safety Director at Oakley Transport and Mark Freitas, VP Product Management at SmartDrive walked us through:


  • The growing complexity of the trucking landscape and the role in-vehicle technology plays
  • How “Smart” video enabled Oakley to reduce collisions 62% and increase fuel efficiency 2.1% 
  • Maintaining a positive safety culture and driver community


Download this on-demand webinar and discover how prepared your fleet is for the Future of Intelligent Transportation.