SD20-039-Oil-And-Gas-eBook-Resources-1-AJ-v1From reduction in collisions to driver exonerations, fleets that use a video-based safety program see results far beyond just safety. This eBook reviews how video safety can help fleets:

    • Avoid skyrocketing insurance premiums
    • Reduce workers comp claims
    • Increase fuel economy and reduce vehicle maintenance

And improve driver and site safety by reducing risky behaviors, such as distracted driving, drowsy driving, speeding and close following.

Download our eBook to learn how video safety has helped oil and gas fleets like yours and how it can impact your bottom line today while also positioning you for a safer tomorrow.

“We know that a majority of collisions involving a truck are not the commercial driver’s fault. Technology like the SmartDrive video-based program can help create factual accident reports, thus eliminating those ‘he said/she said’ situations.”
- Dane Dorval, Regional Operations Manager, Clariant Oil