Incenting Drivers to Increase retention

With recent reports stating a driver shortage of more than 50,000 drivers, with a potential to climb to 174,000 by 2024, it’s no wonder that driver recruiting and retention are at the top of everyone’s agenda. Many fleets have adopted a data-driven driver incentive program and are seeing great results. Find out how by paying-for-safetydownloading the new eBook, Paying for Safety, to hear the full stories from four fleets doing it right.

You'll also be able to access live video clips of fleets explaining their programs, view the data and reports that fuel their individual programs and see the results they’ve achieved using a data-driven driver incentive program. 

Download Paying for Safety, and as a bonus, you’ll receive the ebook, Highly Effective Secrets to Building a Data-Driven, Driver Incentive Program, which provides an overview of driver incentive and reward programs and steps to create an effective data-driven program.