Tim Chelette has been driving since 2002, the last 15 years with Big G Express. He knew he’d found his calling when one day he realized, “when I get tired of being on vacation, I’ll quit my job.”

As a member of ATA’s America’s Road Team, Tim spreads the word about safety on the highway. Along with promoting general safety practices, America’s Road Team provides Tim with the opportunity to promote the SmartDrive program, which he has in his truck.  Tim Chelette, Big G Express

"I love SmartDrive. It protects me."

“When I had a near-collision incident with a car on the highway, the camera showed it was the other guy’s fault. If I hadn’t had SmartDrive and hit him, I would have lost my job … and my livelihood as a driver."

Today’s fleets are finding that drivers no longer push back. In fact, many drivers install their own cameras for protection. More than just a dash cam, the SmartDrive video-based safety program offers a fully managed service designed to improve your coaching sessions, fleet safety and bottom line.

Download our new eBook, The Evolution of Driver Acceptance, and then learn how a video-based safety program can make your drivers safer.