Tips to Take your driver improvement program to the next Level

Like professional athletes, the best drivers in the world need coaching. Simply identifying risky driving behavior won’t make a driver safer. Nor will acknowledging the behavior without coaching your driver on how to improve.

Dunbar experienced this situation with one of their drivers. Ray’s Safety Score was dangerously high. After due diligence, the safety team at Dunbar Armored discovered that he had not been coached effectively. Soon after constructive coaching began, his score improved. He’s now one of the safest drivers on the road.

Download this webinar and learn how the Dunbar Armored team:

  • Turned a risky driver into one of the safest on the team
  • Implemented an effective coaching program starting from the top down
  • Revisited their safety policy based on information gathered from their video safety program
  • Successfully drove down unsafe following, incomplete stops, speeding and more