not all video-based safety programmes are created equal 

transit-bus-buyer-guide-thumb.pngSafety is a constant concern in the passenger transport industry. Great driving is crucial to the safety of your passengers … and your community. Imagine being able to reduce accidents and reduce claims while seeing great driving in action and proving your training programmes are working.

A video-based safety programme can improve driver performance and protect your company, however you need one that fits your unique business needs:

  • Flexible camera configurations to ensure compliance and reduce workers comp claims, along with flexible scoring triggers that fit your policies
  • Access to video within minutes to help your driver get back on the road to fulfill schedule commitments
  • A complete programme with video and vehicle data, expert review and easy coaching for ongoing driver improvement

Download this free 12-point Buying Guide that outlines the selection criteria to consider whether you’re just getting started with video technology or looking to upgrade your current programme. It also comes with a comparison worksheet to ensure your video safety programme checks all the boxes.