Are You Spending More On Settling Claims
Than on Prevention?

Are you viewing your fleet's safety through both a moral and financial lens? In this on-demand webinar, Don Osterberg takes us beyond selling safety by asking tough questions that will ultimately help both the safety of your drivers and your business remain in the forefront during these unprecedented times.

  • Where do you (honestly) fall on the safety continuum? What actions can you take to strengthen your position?
  • Are you spending more on settling claims than prevention? Shockingly, most fleets spend 80% on settling claims vs preventing claims
  • If there were safety programs available to enhance driver performance and provide visibility into what happened during a crash, would you invest in those programs?
  • Are you using the most effective communication techniques for each of your stakeholders?

Download this on-demand webinar and learn tips on how to blend your fleet's view on safety through both a moral and financial lens.